Friday, June 27, 2008


When we were just starting to plan the wedding, we, well, mostly Sara, went into a mad rush of buying wedding magazines, and other guides that we can use.

But the most helpful ones that we got were the ones given by friends - copies of Wedding Essentials Magazines from the editor herself, Ms. Marbee Go and the Weddings at Work Wedding Primer and Bride's Yellow Pages from event organizer Janice Villanueva.

These were really super helpful references - Wedding Essentials had options for all types of budgets :) And the Wedding Primer had all the tips, reminders, practical to-do's, etc :)

We also tried buying international bridal magazines, but they were mostly useless because, for one, you cant get anything thats there - unless you are really looking at getting your stuff/suppliers from abroad, and also because their suggestions are kind of baduy - hehe. Their wedding gown designs, tokens, etc are all so common and not very creative. But once in a while you'll still come across some fresh ideas and inspirations from those magazines too.

So anyway, if you're planning you're own wedding soon, try checking out the local magazine stands for Wedding Essentials Magazines (they are also good references for planning even non-wedding events). For copies of the Wedding Primer and the Bride's Yellow Pages, you can email



Czarina Mae said...

Beautiful in my Eyes (by Joshua Kadison)

sm said...

Thanks :)