Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repost: It has 3 Wheels

Sara's friend Erika posted this on her Facebook page today, and she was soo touched she just had to repost it.
Here's to all our crazy families who love us all unconditionally!
It Has 3 Wheels...
by: Joan Erika Pineda

my family is far from perfect. i guess that goes for almost everyone else here.

i've got a dad who acts like a "dude" rather than a father. i've got a mom who's so involved and always has a say to every single decision i make, even with the clothes i wear, she sometimes suffocates me. i've got a brother who never fights with the guys who made me cry. i've got a younger sister who never treated me like her "ate"...she even stopped calling me that for years now. i've got a baby brother who punches me whenever he gets the chance and runs away laughing as i rub the injured part. i've got a daughter who is so demanding and such a brat.

everyone talks. it's a chaotic household of laughters and tears...of shouts and cold silence...of companionship and familiarity...of misunderstandings and acceptance...of arguments and foolish jokes...of witty remarks and nonsensical comments...of violence sometimes and pure love always...

but i wake up today and i saw that dream's scooter has 3 wheels.

i sent a text message to my dad saying, "you're right! dream's scooter has 3 wheels." he replied with a short "he he he" and nothing more.

i felt my heart squeeze. i said, "thank you for not rubbing it in...that i was wrong and you were right..."

i remember how stubborn i was, arguing with him that the motorcycle we saw can stand on its own, without the rider having to balance it even when it only had 2 wheels because the wheels were huge. he said it can't because it only has 2 wheels. i told him it's possible and i used dream's scooter as an example. he simply kept his mouth shut...

i realized that all throughout my life, they were the people who'd believed me despite the times they found out i lied. they were the ones who listened even when i didn't want to speak. they were the ones who loved me even upon seeing and knowing my worst.

5 years ago, i had a grave problem. it was made 10 times easier to deal with because i had them as my family. i made a mistake. it was my fault. but they all stood by me and helped me face the situation...without telling me how stupid i was.

my dad simply said, "'di na ko dadagdag sa problema mo. mahal kita."
my mom said, "don't cry...it's not good for you..."
my brother said, "nandito lang ako...aalagaan kita..."
my sister said nothing...she just cried and held me for a long and tight embrace.

now i know, i've got a dad that is also my friend. the friend who takes me as i am. helps me when i need help and never complains. he lets me make my own mistakes and lets me realize them on my own too...not because he doesn't care but because he loves me enough to trust my judgement. he must think i'm pretty smart when i want to be. haha

i've got a mom who'll never tire of taking care of me...i'll always be her baby. she's my strength. when i'm weak, she'll hold me up so i can stand still. deep inside she may be crumbling too. but she'll never be too sad nor tired when i need her. i am sure.

i've got a brother who inspires me and motivates me in a lot of ways. he must know how much i admire him and how much influence he's got on me but he never acts like he's superior...he believes i'm someone too...not someone he should just push around. and he gives me a hug even when he gets a belly punch from me right after.

i've got a sister who gets mad for me when i'm too defeated to be angry. because of her, i've got someone who'd cry when i'm too dry to shed tears. she's hurt for me when i'm in so much pain, i'm almost numb. and she speaks my words when i keep all the burden inside. she makes me laugh too, when i'm too depressed to even smile.

i've got a baby brother who's sweet smile can do wonders to my battered heart.

and last but not least, i've got dream who's mere touch is a glimpse of heaven.

my family may not be perfect...but it's a family of LOVE and FAITH.

i never fail to thank God for them though i rarely tell them one by one how much they mean to me.
i am lucky...i am lucky i have 6 people in my life who'll take me as i am for the rest of my life... :)

dream's scooter has 3 wheels for it to stand. and, i've got 6...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Shower

We finally had a baby shower last Saturday, April 25, for family and friends.

It was a simple gathering only - dinner and opening of gifts :)

Everything was super cute and got us all the more excited to see our baby Basti!

Thanks to everyone who came. Click link below for the photos:


Monday, April 6, 2009

32nd week

We are on our 32nd week of pregnancy today :-) Just a month more to go and we're all set to see our baby!!! :-)

We're having a baby boy and we're naming him Sebastian, Basti for short.

Had another ultrasound yesterday, and finally, Basti turned already and he's now in the right position for delivery. Last month, he was still in a breech position, and we were really hoping he would turn soon because we're gearing for a normal delivery :-)

We're almost done shopping for baby stuff, yey! Now we need to do the baby showers, so we can fix up the room already and get it all ready for Basti's arrival.

Can't wait!

Paul's sprained ankle seems to be a bit better already - he doesnt wear his cast anymore, but its still a bit swollen and he gets tired of walking easily. But hopefully it will be totally healed when Basti comes :-)