Friday, June 27, 2008


Haaaay, stressful day today, we are trying to finalize the invitations, and its driving us crazy!

Our goal was to have it all printed by end of today, but because there were still revisions as of last night, we have to push the deadline to this weekend.

Have yet to see the final color of the envelopes too...

Our invitation is super simple lang naman and we dont get how we haven't finalized it yet???

Actually, the invite itself is ok already, its the color of the envelopes that is really driving us crazy...

Anyway, we're posting here the soft copy of the invitation - but not all of it, para naman when you get the actual invites, you can still appreciate it :)



Thea said...

yey! :) lapit na :)

CATHEE said...

Hi! Just want to comment on your's simplicity is so nice. However, I noticed that the surnames of the bride's father and mother don't match. Kindly check.