Monday, April 6, 2009

32nd week

We are on our 32nd week of pregnancy today :-) Just a month more to go and we're all set to see our baby!!! :-)

We're having a baby boy and we're naming him Sebastian, Basti for short.

Had another ultrasound yesterday, and finally, Basti turned already and he's now in the right position for delivery. Last month, he was still in a breech position, and we were really hoping he would turn soon because we're gearing for a normal delivery :-)

We're almost done shopping for baby stuff, yey! Now we need to do the baby showers, so we can fix up the room already and get it all ready for Basti's arrival.

Can't wait!

Paul's sprained ankle seems to be a bit better already - he doesnt wear his cast anymore, but its still a bit swollen and he gets tired of walking easily. But hopefully it will be totally healed when Basti comes :-)


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