Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Make Room

We finally were able to put together our bridal registry, due to insistent public demand, hehe :) We really didn't want to register at first because we're not moving to an empty house anyway, but what the heck, we went ahead and did it na rin :)

Our first instinct was to go to Rustans, which seemed to be the easiest and most common bridal registry option, but when we got there, it turned out we had to make an appointment, etc., so we were kind of turned off.

So we went to Make Room (also owned by Stores Specialist) instead, one of our favorite home stores (both of us are a bit obsessive compulsive and Make Room is like heaven for us because of their selections of organizers, boxes, storage solutions, etc).

And it turned out to be a better experience for us, they were sooo accommodating! :D and their items are really really nice!

We had a blast, and we hope you check out their stores, even if not to buy us anything, we're sure you'll find something there that you'll like for yourself or your homes as well :)

Check out the left side bar of our website for the list of branches.


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